I’ve always believed that my camera acted as a sort of a passport that gave me access into places and situations in which I really had no business being part of. It’s given me the privilege of entering the private worlds of people from just about every walk of life. People whose paths I would have never crossed without photography.

Over time I’ve understood that the pleasure I get from photography doesn’t come from seeing an image published, in fact, that’s often a letdown. The true fulfillment lies in the moment I create the image and in the feeling of connectedness that it brings. That intimate moment when everything else falls away and it’s just me and the person on the other side of the lens. Someone with whom I may have absolutely nothing in common, but for that brief moment, we have everything in common.

So while this project is about many things (honing my craft, instilling a daily discipline, putting new work out there) ultimately, it’s about cultivating that moment, that connection. Every day.

Gary Matoso

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